CRAFTED BY THE FINEST CHEF: Ustad Banne Nawab  Chicken Masala is specially crafted by the finest of Chefs in Hyderabad  that lets you cook like a master chef
RICH AROMA & FLAVOR: Treat yourself to a flavorful & aromatic delight with every bite.
NATURAL OILS INTACT: Carefully made to ensure spices retain their natural oils
SOURCED FROM THE BEST FARMS: Sourced from the best of farms, the spices contain naturally rich flavors.
RICH IN FLAVOUR: Banne Nawa  Chicken Masala provides an aromatic flavor to non-vegetarian appetizers, entrees, and main course dishes.
PACKED HYGIENICALLY: Banne Nawab spices are packed using state-of-the-art equipment ensuring minimal human contact.
ALL NATURAL All Banne Nawab Products  use no Artificial Color or  Flavour is used
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Chicken with bones cut into 24 pieces 1 Kg / 2.2 lbs
Onions – Cut into 16 or 20 big pieces 2 Medium/100 to125 Gms/3.5 to 4.4 oz
Onions – Finely Sliced 3 Medium / 150 Gms / 5.25 oz
Cooking oil Total 10 Tablespoons / 150 ml
Capsicum / Bell Pepper – Cut into 12 or 16 big pieces 2 Medium
Cilantro / Kothmir / Hara dhanya One small bunch / 10 Twigs
Ustad Banne Nawab’s Kadhai Chicken Masala One Packet


  1. Take 50ml / Half small tea cup water and make paste of entire Kadhai chicken Masala, apply to chicken and keep aside.
  2. In a pressure cooker heat 105 ml / 7 tablespoons of oil and fry 2 finely diced onions till they start changing color.
  3. Add Chicken mixture and fry for 3 to 5 minutes, stirring continuously making sure masala paste doesn’t stick to the bottom of the cooker.
  4. Add Half glass / 125 ml water to the above, mix thoroughly, close lid of pressure cooker and cook on high flame till first whistle.
  5. Reduce flame to lowest and cook for 5 Minutes only. Close stove and let cooker cool down,.
  6. Heat 45 ml / 3 Tablespoons cooking oil in a Kadhai (Round shaped Frying Pan without lid) and fry big onion pieces and Capsicum / Bell pepper pieces for about 3 to 5 minutes till their rawness is gone.
  7. Transfer entire contents of pressure cooker into the Kadhai and cook on high flame till Chicken is tender and a thick gravy is achieved, stirring occasionally.
  8. Close stove and garnish with Cilantro / Kothmir / Hara dhanya.
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