CRAFTED BY THE FINEST CHEF: Ustad Banne Nawab  Chicken Masala is specially crafted by the finest of Chefs in Hyderabad  that lets you cook like a master chef
RICH AROMA & FLAVOR: Treat yourself to a flavorful & aromatic delight with every bite.
NATURAL OILS INTACT: Carefully made to ensure spices retain their natural oils
SOURCED FROM THE BEST FARMS: Sourced from the best of farms, the spices contain naturally rich flavors.
RICH IN FLAVOUR: Banne Nawa  Chicken Masala provides an aromatic flavor to non-vegetarian appetizers, entrees, and main course dishes.
PACKED HYGIENICALLY: Banne Nawab spices are packed using state-of-the-art equipment ensuring minimal human contact.
ALL NATURAL All Banne Nawab Products use no Artificial Color or  Flavour used.

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VERY IMPORTANT: No need to add Salt, Red chilli, Ginger, Garlic or anything else apart from the ingredients given below.  Increase all quantities proportionally for serving more than 5 persons. Follow the instructions given below as it is for best results.

Ingredients Required for 5 persons

Chicken with bones, skinless, cut into 4 Leg quarters 1 kg. / 2.2 lbs
Cooking oil 45 ml / 3 tablespoon
Edible orange red colour 2-3 pinches / 1 gm
Ustad Banne Nawab’s Hyderabadi Tandoori Chicken Masala One packet


  1. Make sharp incisions into chicken pieces with a knife.
  2. In a bowl take 45 ml / 3 Tablespoons oil, Tandoori chicken masala and Edible orange red colour and mix thoroughly to make a paste.
  3. Rub chicken with above paste thoroughly and marinate for 2 hours.
  4. Place chicken on a meshed grill in an oven or barbeque grill and grill until chicken is done, turning it upside down every 15 minutes. Serve hot.
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