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Brand IRIS
Weight 110 Grams
Product Dimensions 7W x 7.6H Centimeters
Shape Round
Material Others
Scent Scented
Specific Uses Celebration,Scented
Seasons All Season
Special Feature Smokeless,Scented
Number of Items 3

  • Delectable aroma: The IRIS Berry Pop Taper Jar Candle sparks an enlivening vibe within your home that creates a revitalizing and welcoming ambience. Relax and rejuvenate your mind.
  • No matter the occasion: Be it a routine day or a special event, the IRIS Berry PopTaper Jar Candle is sure to elevate your mood and interiors. A scent that turns the simplest moments into a celebration!
  • Adaptability and aesthetics: The IRIS Berry PopTaper Jar Candle can be used in most rooms of your home to revitalize and uplift their aura. The trendy glass jar with a lid also adds elegance to your space.
  • The perfect tone: The IRIS Berry Pop Taper Jar Candle sets your home apart and transforms your living spaces while adding its sweet fruity scent to every room.
  • Easy-to-use: The IRIS Berry PopTaper Jar Candle comes in an attractive chunky yet minimal design and unlike regular wax candles, is entirely smokeless.
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Product Description


Inspired by the Goddess of the Rainbow – IRIS, our perfume artists have delved into creating home fragrances that brighten the mood and spirit, just as a rainbow would on a cloudy day. The soft fragrances enhance the aesthetics of your space while adding a tantalizing and sensual aura to the ambience around you.

Perfecting the blends and notes of the natural ingredients, IRIS prides itself on providing a calming atmosphere through a range of delicately blended aromas. It has the elegance and ability to change moods anywhere and everywhere.

IRIS Celeste is a luxury range that offers international aesthetics with quality delivery systems that match the superior fragrances, and elevates the concept of fine living and wellbeing.

Evoke the space you imagine with IRIS.


IRIS is a brand from the NR group, who are the makers of Cycle Pure Agarbathies, the world’s largest incense stick brand. The NR group has been creating high quality fragrances since 1948. We are the only brand in the nation to create and market our own fragrances. We also take pride in the fact that our fragrances are created by master perfumers, and blended keeping in mind the climatic conditions of the country.

Turn Your Home IntoABerry Orchard!

The aroma of fruity delight!

Give your home the vibe of a fruit garden!1

Let your home glow with good fragrance and charming aesthetics 1

The aroma of fruity delight!

Cast the aroma of the fresh tart berries over your spaces! The fruity scent is certain to overwhelm your senses and make you dream of a grove filled with berry plants.

Give your home the vibe of a fruit garden!

Elevate the aura of your interiors to remind you of delicious berries! Set out the IRIS Berry Pop Taper Jar Candle at a vantage point in your home and bask in the refreshingly energizing aroma!

Let your home glow with good fragrance and charming aesthetics

Add some sparkle and glow to your indoors with the IRIS Berry Pop Taper Jar Candle. The chic scented candle gives off a luminous glow and keeps your interiors smoke-free, apart from immersing your spaces in their addictive scent.

Cast Some Magic in Every Room

Drawing Room 12

Bedroom 1


Drawing Room

Cast the exhilarating scent of fresh tangy berries over your living spaces as you go about your daily routine. Breathe in the fruity scent for a burst of elation.


Lose yourself in the joyous aroma of berry pop as you drift off into dreamland, where you’ll find yourself picnicking in an orchard surrounded by luscious berries.


Create a welcoming ambience in your home and let the fruity aroma of berriesengulf your spaces while the warm glow of the taper jar candle creates an inviting atmosphere.

Our Green Initiative

Sustainably-sourced ingredients 1


Natural extracts 3

Sustainably-sourced ingredients


Natural extracts


Range of Products:

Have you experienced the sensual delight with our variety of IRIS Home Fragrance products? As great believers in the power of fragrances, we know the refreshing effects our products have on the body and mind. You can set a calming and relaxed mood in your space with our range of candles, potpourri, and reed diffusers.

Scented Candles

Our scented candles are designed to look charming, while emitting fragrance until the end. Our smokeless candles can suit any occasion and are functionally handcrafted to be dripless.


Potpourri is loved for its delightful visual appeal and refreshing fragrance. It works wonderfully well, both at home, and in office spaces. The mixture of dried plant material adds a natural and rustic look to the space, while its gentle fragrance fills the room.

Reed Diffusers

Reed diffusers, with their essential fragrance oil, add charming notes to the space around you. Reed sticks are porous by nature and are excellent for diffusion. Once immersed partially in a bottle of fragrance oil, the fragrance travels all the way up the reed through capillary action, and ever so gently, wafts across the room. A 24-hour aromatic experience, no fire, no ash, absolutely maintenance free.



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