Mosquito Racket Bat with UV Light Lamp Five Nights Mosquito Killer Racket 1200mAh Lithium-ion Rechargeable Handheld

Brand HOPz
Colour White
Style Autokill 2-in-1 Mosquito Racket
Item Dimensions LxWxH 12 x 10 x 8 Centimeters
Number of Pieces 1
Is Electric Yes
Target Species Fly, Mosquito, Gnat
  • PEST CONTROL ENGINEERED TO WORK – Electric Fly Swatter Helps You Easily Catch & Kill a Variety of Flying Insects for Safe, Dependable Indoor & Outdoor Relief | Perfect for Home, Kitchen, Bathroom, Garbage Area, Barn, Deck, Patio or Garden
  • BUILT-IN ELECTRIC MOSQUITO ZAPPER LAMP – Built-In Mosquito lamp, Just put it on the base and turn it on, Mosquitoes will fly to it and be killed! According to the mosquito habits, use purple light beads that can release 395mm mosquito habit wavelength, and diamond innenet with strong light transmission, can zap mosquitoes effectively.
  • HEAVY-DUTY HANDHELD RACKET – Cordless Device Features an Extra-Large Surface Area & Comfort-Grip Handle for Maximum Efficiency | Just Swing in the Direction of Bugs & Watch Them Bite the Dust! Great for House Flies, Mosquitoes, Gnats, Etc.
  • More Efficient RACKET :- Electric lamp built-in purple light beads can release 395mm attracting wavelength, just put it on the base and turn it on when sleeping
  • EASY TO USE – This mosquito zapper racket is easy to clean after use it. The Mosquito body will not be caught inside.; SAFE TO TOUCH – Outer nickel plated stainless steel mesh and inner layer aluminum mesh design will not leak electricity and is resistant to deformation. Also without any risk to Kids or the environment.
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DIRECTIONS FOR USE 1. When charging, switch the power switch to OFF, connect the data cable to the charging port and insert it into the USB power socket(or mobile phone charger, mobile power supply, computer USB jack) and the charging indicator is on, indicating that it is in charge state. 2. Mosquito control and lighting method: switch to No1 position, press the power button indicator light, Switch to No2 purple LED light on, at this time the middle of the metal network with about 3000V DC high voltage (do not touch). Grip the mosquito handle and wave it so that the grid comes into contact with mosquitoes. After use, release the power button, work indicator light off. When the power button is switched to the lighting position, the LED lighting will be on, which can be used for illumination. When press the power button mosquito killing and lighting can be used at the same time (after the night mosquito trap mode button is turned on, the mosquito killing lamp can be used at night, Meanwhile, switch to the ON2 and charging it. 3. After running out of power, please charge it in time. The longest charging time should not exceed 12 hours. 4. When using the electric mosquito bat, it is necessary to push the switch for double protection and safer use. Rotate 90° MATTERS NEEDING ATTENTION 1. This product is like a toy,please keep away from children and avoid to touch it.2.Charging power supply and socket installation should meet safety standards. Please charge it for 4-8 hours before first use. When the power is used up, please fully charge in time; If you do not use the electric mosquito bat for a long time, please charge it 8houre for every 3 months. Otherwise, the battery life will be damaged. 3. Please keep away from inflammable and explosive items when charging each time. The longest charging time should not exceed 12 hours. (Charging during the day is recommended) 4.DO NOT insert foreign objects into this product. Store products indoors when not in use.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 8 cm
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